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The new audience measurement technique in outdoor advertizing is introduced

05 July 2013

The Doors Consulting company developed a unique audience measurement technique for a modern format of carriers — scrolling billboard.

The innovative technique of Doors Consulting is the first for such format of carriers in the territory of European and CIS countries. It is developed on the basis of the methodology accepted by Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau Europe (OVAB), taking into account features of the scrolling billboard.

Sergey Smolyar, the director of Doors Consulting: "For an assessment of an advertizing poster efficiency the special technique was used. This method consists of two types of an assessment: at first scrolling billboard is estimated as the ordinary static carrier of a certain size, and then the probability of viewing by audience is estimated. Probability of viewing means how many advertizing events the person will manage to see while moving by scrolling billboard".
The method of scrolling billboard audience measurement is approved by Industrial Committee of Outdoor Advertizing of Ukraine (ICOA).

Yury Charukha, the head of ICOA: "There were six months of laborious work of researchers and analysts before introduction of innovations. Developed by Doors Consulting and accepted by ICOA the technique is realized in the software after detailed discussion and approbation by all participants of Committee. Improvement of measurements quality, using of innovative approaches, expansion of the researches range are priority problems for ICOA".
Operators consider that application of this technique will allow to increase presence of this format in outdoor-campaigns.

Maxim Fadeyev, the director general of Gallery plus: "Application of such technique gives the chance to count correctly characteristics of address programs, to prove clients efficiency of scrolling billboards in advertizing campaigns. It will allow to increase quality of media planning and trust level to this format among advertisers".

Oleg Nevelchuk, the director general of RTM-Ukraine Group of Companies: "Scrolling billboard is a modern advertizing carrier of a format by 8 sq.m which is successfully used in Europe for a long time. In Ukraine scrolling billboards are urged to replace standard boards of 6х3 m in the central parts of the cities. It is hi-tech, reliable and more perfect esthetically carrier which shows new logic of communication of outdoor advertizing with a surrounding urban environment".

Scrolling billboard is one of the most dynamically growing advertizing formats in Ukraine. Users of Doors Consulting will be able to estimate efficiency of advertizing campaigns on the scrolling billboards on a new method on July 10, 2013.

Andrey Nikitich, the director of Master AD Ukraine (AEGIS Media/GMG Group): "The new technique of Doors Consulting will allow to estimate more effective and transparent audience of every poster, and to use all potential of scrolling billboards for carrying out large-scale campaigns. Introduction of this technique since the beginning of July of this year approaches Out-of-Home in the principles of planning and the post-analysis of actually gathered audience to functioning of the television advertizing market."

Yury Blotsky, the director of outdoor advertizing of ADV Ukraine Group: "During the discussion about a new technique there were the question about duration of plot changing which directly influences perception of an advertizing message by consumer. As all operators of ICOA made the decision on introduction of standards in the work scheme of scrolling billboards, indicators of Doors Consulting can be used most effectively".

Development and deployment of this technique is a successful example of cooperation of participants of the Ukrainian outdoor advertizing market (the researcher, operators and agencies) on development and expansion of researches in the industry according to requirements of the Ukrainian media market. Such system actions of industrial associations show high extent of self-organization of branch, and also that leading players of the market understand the value of outdoor advertizing as effective remedy of marketing and social communications.



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