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Dear ladies and gentlemen!

02 October 2011

The Industrial Committee of Outdoor Advertising (ICOA) has the honour to invite you to the first official presentation of Committee for participants of the outdoor advertizing market and mass media.

Date: October 5, 2011.

Time: 15.00

Place: Dnepr hotel, Hreshchatik St. ½, Leda hall, 2nd floor

Subject: Necessity of cardinal changes for the industry of outdoor advertizing. Readiness and concrete steps of branch.

For the first time operators, advertizing agencies and clients (we hope) will gather at the same place to declare the concrete steps taken by ICOA for removal of outdoor advertizing at cardinally new level of development.

First of all it is a question of acceptance of the uniform measuring system by the market, urged to make Ukrainian "outdoor advertizing" absolutely transparent, clear and predicted media. This step will cause changes in system of outdoor advertizing sales and further can affect a market configuration.

Operators, advertizing agencies and researchers will share their vision of the outdoor advertizing in 2012 and necessary steps which should be taken by ICOA in the nearest future

 On behalf of ICOA speeches of the following speakers are planned:

1. Yury Charukha, the head of ICOA, the director of the company BigBoard

2. Oleg Nevelchuk, the CEO of RTM-Ukraine Group

3. Alexander Baranovsky, the executive vice-president of ADV Ukraine Group media service

4. Alexander Gorokhovsky, the CEO of Aegis Media/GMG

5. Sergey Smolyar, the director of Doors Consulting

It is planned that this presentation will open a cycle of educational actions of ICOA directed on attraction in measuring system bigger number of players of the outdoor advertizing market of Ukraine.

You will be able to communicate to representatives of operators and advertizing agencies in an informal situation during a buffet reception right after end of official part of presentation.

Preliminary accreditation is obligatory!