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About access restriction in the base of the researches DOORS

02 April 2013

So, since May, 2012 of Communication Alliance of Ukraine(CAU) and DOORS will provide information only about those operators who signed the contract on researches. It concerns only the capital. By estimation, about 5900 planes of different formats will be excluded from base of researches. Such step caused a number of questions and even complaints from consumers of researches. In this short note I want to explain our position.

For 15 years all market has been monitored irrespective of researches are paid or not. All got used to obtain data in full, without thoughts about researches cost. But times change. New technologies come. Requirements to researches change. Everything demands continuous improvement of tools and techniques. Development of new approaches and improvement of software. All these demand resources, including financial.

But it is not the money. Modern technologies of sale and purchase of outdoor advertizing establish rigid time frames and at the same time demand the accuracy. The base of carriers of the researcher has to correspond to bases of owners of outdoor advertizing carriers in full. As practice shows, without the accurate contractual relations such work can't be adjusted. And responsibility of operators for provided data without the contract is low. That's why we need close cooperation between the operator, researcher and agency.

According to these reasons we also made the decision on providing data on carriers of only those operators who consider it is necessary to participate in researches, trust them and see practical advantage of media measurements. In Kiev the share of such operators is more than 75% of all number of advertizing installations.
How it can be displayed on data? In different ways. The preliminary analysis shows that the number of marginal operators can reach 75% in some address programs.
The planes of marginal operators will be considered at an assessment of total amounts of advertizing, but more detailed information, for example, the address program, plane media parameters, etc. will be inaccessible now.
What will disappear since the first of May?

- Number of the owner
- Address
- Number of the researcher
- Photo
- Scheme
- Rating
- Number of contacts (OTS)
- Monitoring photo

In the column of belonging instead of the name of the operator it will be written - "UNKNOWN". The information about type of the carrier and its sizes, and also binding to the qualifier (a category/goods/advertiser/brand, etc.) remains.
We call all operators for cooperation once again. Especially as the cost of an assessment and monitoring of a network of carriers is attached to quantity of the planes, and in terms of one plane in a month is 9-15 UAH without taxes. Let's make the outdoor advertizing modern, transparent and civilized media together! And gradually to turn it into the powerful industry which will clear and pleasant for advertiser. This will be benefit for all.

Source: Doors Consulting