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Outdoor advertizing is in the service of citizens: informs, interests, invites

15 August 2014

This summer many inhabitants of Kiev and guests of the capital could get to know and visit remarkable action - Slava Frolova's Art-picnic.

It is the large-scale social, cultural and educational project which gives opportunity to visit various actions, educational and improving programs free of charge.

This social initiative was supported by the leader of the outdoor advertizing market- the BigBoard Ukraine company.

photo ART

"Thanks to advertizing support of our partner, we really felt force of outdoor advertizing. The number of guests, in comparison with last year, increased by 5 times. And many of those who comes, say that saw our advertizing on a billboard. What has done by the company for the project, city and people is extremely important and necessary," shared the opinion the ideological inspirer of the project Slava Frolova.

BigBoard Ukraine allocated about 200 planes in Kiev for the announcement of action this summer. Competently made address program which had taken into account the maximum concentration of TA, helped to attract considerable number of people to action. Thanks to the placed announcements, thousands inhabitants of Kiev could visit Picnic already.

"We always try to support constructive social projects which bring real advantage to people and help to develop. We are very glad that huge number of people got to know about this initiative. And many of them could personally see what Slava Frolova and her team created this year,"commented Elena Beskhlebnaya, the sales director of BigBoard Ukraine.