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  • Technological effectiveness
    Technological effectiveness
    OOH advertizing uses a range of technologies for message transferring:
    • non-digital and digital;
    • linear and interactive.
  • Innovation

    The outdoor advertizing has gained from each innovation in media.
    Whatever the technology, whatever the innovation, it quickly finds a role in out of home.

  • Ubiquity

    OOH advertizing works where people spend to 70% of their active time — outdoors.
    Only it reaches "difficult" TA: those who doesn't watch TV, selectively reads the press, trusts several sources on the Internet.
    The outdoor advertizing was and remains the closest media to points of sales.

  • Scalability

    As a highly targeted media, out of home is not mass-dependent as is broadcast TV, for example. It is a scalable media which works with any size of audience.
    OOH advertizing only gets from growing fragmentation in other mass media.

  • Staginess

    The fascinating picture attracts attention and makes people turn their heads towards OOH advertizing.
    It is uniquely driven by the power of imagination.

  • Constancy

    OOH advertizing can't be switched and turned off, as the TV, radio or a window in the browser.
    It lives in the real world. But, thanks to technologies, actively uses also virtual space.

  • Efficiency

    High frequency of contacts (Frequency) due to work 24×7.
    One of the cheapest media according to the cost of one thousand contacts (SRT).
    The balance between coverage (Reach), effective frequency (Effective Frequency) and investments into advertizing is reached in the OOH quicker and easier, than in other media.



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